We are made to love, laugh and learn


laughterWith the end of the year fast approaching tempers begin to flare, energy reserves begin to feel depleted and small matters become major issues. It would be best to take a moment  and remember that we are made to love, laugh and learn. Yet we take ourselves and life so seriously! Exercise your funny bone.

Laughter brings welcomed change in physiology. Many benefits come from the direct reduction in blood pressure: increase in vascular blood levels promoting oxygenation of blood cells, necessary for repair and immunisation. The whole respiratory system is given a thorough workout during laughter and can boost immunoglobulin. Rolling about laughing can provide a beneficial workout to the diaphragm plus muscle stimulation for abdominal muscles, respiratory systems, facial muscles, leg and back muscles. All these muscle groups are receiving a workout at the same time.

We also receive a significant cut down in stress hormones and adrenaline, alleviate depression, even boosting serotonin. Stress is the number one cause of reduced metabolism and in men directly reduces the natural levels of testosterone. Increased learning skills and more powerful memory; studies at University level when conducted with humour during examinations appeared to increase test performances. Again a boost for the brain cells coming exclusively from being exposed to significant levels of laughter and enjoyment now have an instant response in the brains increasing functions. The health effects of laughter can show improvement in memory, alertness and creativity. We can all benefit from increased mental performance, and there is growing evidence this can be achieved directly from humour and laughter.

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