imagineViolence begets violence, rather than stop or prevent  violence. The vast majority of us are not making national economic policy or setting military strategy, yet we do encounter conflict every day of our lives. The first step, Retaliation,  the immediate reaction, the fight or flight instinct, the Mars influence, is present in all humanity. Mars represents the muscles that enable action, the separative, combative response that divide the world into enemies and allies. This basic stance reflects primal, amygdala-based responses unrestrained by neo-cortex reasoning. Fear can trigger it in an instant. The lesson for modern humans is to tame these instincts, not to eliminate them, but to develop the intelligence for appropriate and beneficial application.

It is said that depression is anger turned inward. We might say, then, that anger is depression turned outward. It’s common to blame unconscious impulses on external events when they originate within ourselves. The true Martian warrior is responsible for his or her behavior and doesn’t blame it on others. And our sharpest weapon is a clear mind that keeps awakening us to ourselves.

We see an end to all domestic violence; an end to any and all violence – abuse of women, children, men. even pets and nature. All need for power and control over another is replaced by the feelings of being loved and appreciated. We see a world where all families live in love, peace and harmony. In this world everyone speaks with kindness and encouragement to others and everyone feels safe and loved at all times.

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