Upgrade your Asana with Jim Harrington


jim_harrington-on-handsFollowing the incredible success of Simon Borg-Olivier’s workshops in Cape Town & Johannesburg, Yoga Lova is truly privileged to have Jim Harrington –  South Africa’s most esteemed yoga teacher – teach 2 incredible workshops at the end of August.

About the workshops….
In these workshops Jim will attempt to share his understanding of the recent “upgrade” that he has “downloaded” from his mentor Simon. Where it was suggested to “stretch less, tense less, breathe less, and think less and eat less” with your yoga practice.  It takes the whole form to another level altogether by accessing the movement of “prana” – our subtle energetic flows.

The theme will be a natural progression of Jim’s “Alignment Redefined Workshops” which aimed to show a logical, functional anatomy basis for the healthy alignment in yoga asana. The classes are a generally mix of explaining technique, balanced with flowing, meditative practice. It is hoped that they may assist in using the yoga practice to enhance the joy and vitality for living.

Would you like to Upgrade?
The tradition of Yoga is all about a continuing process of overcoming our set neural pathways, or “defaults settings” that are outdated or ineffective. We replace these defaults by conscious and wise choices. This is the basis of all the Wisdom Traditions and the yoga tradition.

As we learn and develop in our practice, there is always a tendency to fall back into our “factory default” settings (mental and physical Samskaras). These default methods maybe to do with our natural physical structure: like having flexibility in one or other part of the spine. Or, maybe a tendency to think and react in a certain way. The yoga journey is a path of understanding, reviewing and improving ourselves. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
To continue the analogy; when we upgrade to a new computer or operating system there is a period of adjustment which may include some confusion and frustration. It can be very helpful to hire a “geek“ to help you to work with the new system. One could just figure it all out, by spending lots of intuitive time on the mat, but perhaps having a good “geek” as a guide might save time and hassle.

This workshop hopes to serve that purpose for those who are interested in improving their yoga practice.

Details of the workshop:
Please diarise the dates and times and RSVP as soon as possible as there are only very few places left:

Thursday August 28 2014   17h30 – 20h30
Friday August 29 2014        08h30 – 11h30
Cost:  R450 per workshop
RSVP:  Nadine@yoga-lova.com

Jim’s Yoga Style
Jim’s personal interest is that place where the East and West, Ancient and Modern intersect.  Ancient knowledge can be informed and upgraded by contemporary science, while the lifestyles of modern world can be upgraded by what was figured out thousands of years ago. Jim’s influences are Indian, Chinese and Tibetan yoga (He has spent around 7 years exploring these regions). These methods are tempered with a working knowledge of anatomy and physiology and corrective exercise therapy.
Jim was apprenticed to Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss at the Yoga Synergy school in the late 1990’s. He has been conducting Yoga Teacher Training programs since 2005 and has been invited as a yoga consultant to professional sports teams, Including the Indian National Cricket team. Modern professional and competitive sports are an excellent lab in which to test the effects of yoga practice.
“My philosophy is that anyone who can breathe can do yoga. You don’t have to be super bendy or even very fit to start feeling the benefits of yoga practice. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of seeing people discover those benefits. “

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