The Symbolic Meaning and Benefits of Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose)…….


This posture is symbolic of a particular myth of Anjaneya (later known as Hanuman). He was an incarnation of the Lord Shiva. As a young child, he was captivated by what he thought was a giant, glowing fruit in the sky, which was actually the sun.

One day he reached for the fruit and leapt up into the sky to eat it. Surya, the sun god, saw this creature coming towards him, called for Indra, the king of gods, to protect him. Indra struck Anjaneya down with lightning. The bolt hit Anjaneya’s jaw and killed him.

Brahma, the creator, then brought Anjaneya back from the dead and bestowed on him a new name, Hanuman, which stems from hanu (jaw in sanskrit), where the lightning struck.

These Are the Main Energetic Benefits of Anjaneyasana:

As told in the story, this pose resembles a young, divine child (Anjaneya), as he reaches towards the sky for the warmth of the sun, captivated by a glowing fruit in the sky.

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose), expresses the human desire to leap up and capture what we desire. It’s an aspirational posture that conjures success, confidence, effort and reward.

In Low Lunge Pose, our chakras are all engaged and flowing upward. The root is grounded through the legs and the feet, the Sacral Chakra is expressing desire, our solar plexus is active, the heart is open and reaching, and the energy is expressing itself upward through the throat, third eye and crown.

You may notice the uplifting energy as you stand strong in Low Lunge Pose.

Imagery is a powerful self-adjustment tool you may use to feel the effects of this posture more deeply. Instead of a glowing fruit or the sun, imagine your deepest desire just beyond your fingertips. As you reach tall, you might notice how the body responds with space and energy.

You already have all that you need to achieve your wildest dreams.

These Are the Physical Benefits of Anjaneyasana:

If you’ve held Low Lunge Pose for more than three breaths or so, you probably have noticed there is a lot going on, physically, in this pose.

The subtlety of the muscles in your toes can change how this posture feels in the entire body. Experiment by bending and straightening your front leg and notice what comes up emotionally as well as physically when you’re asking your body to go deeper.

Or, make small adjustments to your back foot: lifting the heel higher or turning your toes out/in. You will begin to notice how subtle changes in the body lead to big sensations.

Here are some physical benefits you may experience in Low Lunge Pose:

  • The deep bend in the front leg strengthens the hips and quadriceps
  • The back leg stretches the iliopsoas (hip), quadriceps, and groin
  • The lifted arms open up the chest and expand the side bodies, which can improve posture
  • This posture may help to recover from physical activity, especially activities like running which contracts the leg muscles

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