The old and the new


radiate loveWhat is your score for 2012? How many hates are you in debit for this coming year that have to be paid off in the form of anxiety, fear, worry, obligation, duty, shame and disgust?  For every hate that you had, a tension has bounced off and back onto you. And if you have not squared off these accounts with different forms of misery, then these have to be repaid in the future.

The obvious lesson for this year is don’t hate. Never to hate.

It is terribly easy to love someone who throws their arms around your neck, or agrees completely with you. But, the art is to try to love those who hate you and those who prevent you from loving. Living thus in the NOW, the year ahead will bring you calm. Start right now. No judgements. Universal love.

Here is a meditation on the radiation of love. This kind of thinking, if sincere, has a profound transforming effect and the ability to hate will die in your heart. True, some people may still irritate and annoy, but you will find you no longer hate them.

Sit quietly, with eyes closed, and concentrate on this thought for at least five minutes: What does it matter to you whether another be guilty or guiltless? Come, friend, and look to your own ways.

Now proceed to radiate from your heart the full light of love over each of the following in turn:

Those whom you definitely love, including relatives and friends.

Those to whom your attitude is either neutral or indifferent.

Those whom you dislike, even hate or feel to be an enmity.

During these love radiations, even definite people may be named. The last section may, at first, be difficult to do sincerely. You may feel hypocritical. However, it must be done as a deliberate act of intention and will. Gradually, it will become more and more real, until, eventually, your radiations of love will spread wider and wider to include all mankind, forms of life and the whole universe.

This technique done for seven consecutive days, will make you feel that a miracle has been wrought in your own freedom from tension . Also in the degree of your own inner peace and relaxation.

One likes to feel “tall among men” so instead of growing taller, we cut off everybody’s heads, then feel we are tall.

Peace be with you.

Yogiraj Mani Finger


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