The Law of Detachment


LotusThe word “universe” means one song. Your every intention or heart’s desire is like a melody in nature’s symphony; all you have to do is sing your song. Rumi says,“I want to sing like birds sing, not worrying who listens or what they think.” If you can sing your song with that attitude, you are practicing the Law of Detachment, and nothing will be able to stop the force of your  intentions.

  • Practice detached involvement. Stay alert to the opportunity within every problem by letting go of your idea of how things should be.
  • Accept uncertainty as an essential part of your experience. In your willingness to accept uncertainty, solutions will spontaneously appear.
  • Remain open to all possibilities and enjoy every moment in the journey of your life-all the fun, mystery, and magic in the field of pure potentiality.

Adapted from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra (abridged edition, Amber Allen, 2007)

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