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The greatest guru is your inner self. Truly he is the supreme teacher. He alone can take you to your goal and he alone meets you at the end of the road. Confide in him and you need no outer guru. — Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Being a follower, student or disciple of anyone who has true wisdom to teach or impart is fine if that’s the path you want to take, but by connecting with our own inner wisdom first, which each of us has, can help in determining or deciding what role we want a guru to have or fulfill for us, and also the expectations we have of them.

Starting with what is refered to as your “wisdom self” can be instrumental in how you approach a guru-student relationship and can help you decide if you want to be a “follower” or a “learner.” The difference is that by following, you’re allowing someone else to lead the way, and basically handing the teaching role over to them to guide you. By being a “learner,” you are listening to the wisdom or teaching of someone without needing to follow them or become their disciple. However you want to identify yourself with a guru, master or teacher is completely up to you, but start by being your own guru first by connecting to your inner wisdom, and this way, whoever you encounter on your spiritual path, you probably won’t allow yourself to be mislead or disappointed if they haven’t met your expectations of them.

By connecting with your own “Satguru” within, which in Sanskrit means “true teacher,” you will always be guided by your own truth, light, compass on your journey.”

Written by , published in The Huffington Post 03/04/2013

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