The Goal…….


“The ultimate goal for the mind according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is nirodah (concentration, control). It’s like putting something in an envelope and then sealing it. What’s in, stays in and is not affected by what sits on the outside – there is a barrier or shield that creates containment. In this yoga analogy the mind is what we place in the envelope – internally focused with no chance of outside distraction. Contained.

Although this might be a fleeting experience for us in yoga class its benefit is the real gold of the practice. And it is through a combination of elements that we achieve it. Right placement of body, steadiness without discomfort, connection to breath and letting go of the results of all that we are engaged in. And then rest. The combined richness of all these focuses is yoga. And the more we practice, the more focus we create.” – Jill Harris

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