The Five Elements……


Stop and imagine quietly standing barefoot out under the open sky. Feel the dirt under your feet, a breeze tickling the back of your neck. As the sun warms your face, listen for the trickle of a stream nearby. Breathe.

It’s a serene moment, one that evokes the elements of nature. Earth, air, fire, water and ether are elements of a universal theory of creation that has been part of many ancient practices and eastern philosophies for millennia.

The five great elements, or Pancha Maha Bhutas as the Vedas describe them, are thought to have originated as the universe did, so they are as old as can be..They are the building blocks of the universe, as well as our bodies…everything is created with different combinations of these five elements.

In Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga and one of the oldest medical systems still practiced today, those five elements are prithvi (earth), jal (water), agni (fire), vayu (air), and akasha (ether or space).

The elements correlate with the senses and with particular body parts and functions. Each has an energy correspondent among the chakras. According to the ayurvedic system, each of us is born with a unique combination of the five elements.

Balancing these elements in just the right way is the key to a happy and healthy life. If we take some time to understand the elements and relate to them, we can use them to stay in balance physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.


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