The Call of the Soul…


spiritual self“People can live their entire lives without recognising the call of the spiritual self. It’s a call for deeper wholeness, to awaken to something greater within and around us. We all hear it, although not everyone recognises it. The call to truly know the inner dimensions of the self and the outer reaches of the sacred comes to each of us every day. It’s in each wounded moment, in the experience of stress, and in the feelings of disconnection or the sense that something is missing in our lives.

Without the awareness of the spiritual world and the spiritual aspects of self, many of us fail to understand the opportunity before us and the longing within. We become confused in the turmoil of emotion, the passions of greed and power, and the hunger for perfection and protection. Until we remember our divine nature, we see division and pain and experience stress and depletion.

Until we heed the call, choose a path and begin the journey, we may wander, lost. Once on life’s road we realise there is no going back to a life of unconscious choice and reaction. We’re awake and hungry for the light and can’t wait to travel beyond what we already know.
Celebrate and pursue the health of the body, the emotional self and the intellect.

But the soul, the true self is our genuine source of connection. We realise that spirituality isn’t a belief system or religion. It’s an experience, a practice and a way of life. Spirituality is the awakened expression of all aspects of the self and our life journey is the process of waking up to the fullness of this existence, one day at a time.”

Excerpt taken from Return to the Sacred By Jonathan H. Ellerby

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