Spiritual Integrity….


Integrity is a symbol of an integrated or whole mind, a mind in which there is no conflict and nothing is out of accord.

Integrity is integral to yoga, and yet it’s a fruit of the practice. One does not have to be strong or flexible to practice asana, but receives these blessings through committed practice. Meditation does not require a calm mind, but bestows this blessing on one who perseveres through good times and bad to the discipline required. Integrity is a virtue one gains along the path of yoga, through staying true to yourself even when no one around you is watching or doing what you do. It takes cultivating, repetition, commitment. Theoretically, the more you practice something, the easier it gets. But another perspective is that the more you travel the path, the harder the challenges and the higher the stakes.

The key question remains – are we engaging with our problems so we may grow and evolve for the better, or are we justifying them, manipulating others to hide from them, and or ignoring them through various distractions? Through our practice, we find satya (truth) and through living honestly, we find integrity.”  

~ Stephani Lindsey 

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