Smile and Be Happy


Mini meditation and mindfulness exercises: Radiate Joy

Hi are u ready for a Magic Moment? They’re oh-so-simple, but very effective… Here’s the latest in this series:

How do you feel right now? How do you think your face looks now? You probably look the way you feel.

Even if your spirits are low you can uplift them through the simple act of smiling. Smiling triggers happy feelings in the brain, so why not give this simple exercise a try.

  1. As you read these words and without smiling just yet, tighten ever so slightly the sides of your eyes and notice the tingling sensations.
  2. Next, let these sensations spread down to your cheeks as if in the very beginnings of a smile.
  3. Now lift the sides of your mouth just a little into a half smile and hold it like this for a few moments.
  4. And let yourself smile   :-) Do you notice something curious about the way you feel?….. Keep smiling, enjoy the feeling.
  5. Try and maintain this smile when you’re with other people and you’ll notice an improvement in the way you act.  You’ll also be more attractive and nicer to be around.  Besides, smiling encourages others to be happy too.  Others might respond by smiling back and then you’ll know that your spirits are truly uplifted.

Richard Latham

YTF Oldwebsite 23 Aug 2011

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