Self Love…….


“Come in touch with yourself as being a child of the universe. Know that you are the beneficiary of all the universe has to offer, you need only be able to contact it. 

To begin, go to that place deep inside yourself, deep inside your heart centre where you keep the treasure that is called by your name. Go deep inside yourself. Find that treasure that is known by your name. Look at this treasure. Look at the resources that are universal.You have them all. You can see, think, hear, feel, taste, smell, choose, move, sort. 

To sort – the ability to let go of that which once fit but no longer does, and to see what clearly fits now.I give myself permission to discover myself and use the instrument that is me lovingly. I look at myself and see my beauty and all the ways in which this can happen. I love me. I appreciate me. I value me.”~ Virginia Satir

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