Security in Oneself….


“The common conception of security is an achievement or a possession on the physical plane. But an abiding sense of security can never come from possession or from achievement. Impossible! Security comes only when we have established our constant oneness with our soul. 

If we want to become one with our soul, we must always try to be aware of our source, which is eternal peace, light and bliss. If our source is something divine, eternal and infinite, how can we feel insecure?

A person is insecure when he feels that darkness is all around him.
At night you are frightened because there is no light.  We must always be aware that the light inside us is immortal. Whatever is real, divinely real, is immortal. The reality inside us is divine and eternal. If we have something eternal within us how can we feel insecure?

As long as the tiny drop retains its individuality and separateness, it will remain insecure; the waves and the surges of the ocean will scare it to death. But when the tiny drop consciously enters into the ocean,
it becomes the ocean itself. Then it is no longer afraid of anything.”~ Sri Chinmoy

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