Seane Corn


“I didn’t actually start practicing yoga until two years, eight nightclub jobs and countless parties later. I liked yoga at first because of how it made my body feel, but within a few short years, yoga infiltrated every part of my existence. Because of the practice, I quit smoking, drinking, doing drugs and eating animal products. Because of the practice, I meditate, breathe, pray and serve. Yoga created the foundation that allows me to feel connected to spirit, the world and all her inhabitants. The concept of God no longer frightens me, for I learned that God is truth and love and exists in all moments, light and dark, and fully within each being. God is not something to be discovered, simply uncovered, and the journey of self-awakening will be unique for each soul. I believe this is exactly what Billy had wanted me to understand. We each have a “story” and karma that must be worked out. We each struggle, but we’ll eventually find our way to love, in God’s time. Don’t judge. Let God do his/her work, and have faith in the process. What Billy had told me simply, but masterfully, was that God is everywhere. We are all connected. We are all one. So remember to love.”Read the full story of Sean’s First lesson in Yoga as told on Oprah’s blog. (Click on highlighted area)

I was amazed by Seane’s open, unaffected, simple honesty and enthusiasm in Yoga. Her natural spirituality is unblemished by her high profile public persona. Her accomplishments are an integral part of her yogic lifestyle.

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