Open your Heart…..

For many, “opening your heart” implies receptivity to love and intimacy in a romantic relationship — bring on the candy and flowers.
Back bends, also known as heart openers, focus on the heart chakra.  Consider the slumped shoulders of someone who is depressed and lonely. This is because the heart chakra is closed up and needs to be opened. We all feel emotional pain at times, and caring for your heart chakra, helping it open, will assist you in giving and receiving love –  especially in a time like valentines month, when love is in the air!


Relieves anxiety and stress.
Brings your spine back to its natural flexion.
Relieves chronic back or neck pain.
Gain new perspectives.
Opens your mind and heart to new possibilities
Improves breathing.
Stretches your abdominal muscles and internal organs.
Gain bravery, strength and trust

Taken from the Life Retreat Yoga Studio newsletter.


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