My Story…….My Calling


I am privileged to be the proud mother of two; blessed with a son and daughter who are my teachers and best friends. My driving force is my sincere desire to touch people’s lives with love and lightness. I do everything in my power to give back on a daily basis by sharing the gift that I was blessed with. My gift of healing through the power of God; the vastness of transformation!  Living my passion and truth, supporting people to unlock their potential of self love and acceptance
through the release of their blocked emotions, the traumas in their bodies and helping them to step back into balance and radiant health.

After being diagnosed with a severe cancer I surrendered to the presence of God, self love, courage, acceptance, forgiveness and peace.  Transcending the cancer in an all-natural guided way; my awakening moved me powerfully into my calling. My calling and passion is to powerfully create and hold supportive space, inviting transformation. Transforming disempowerment, fear, survival into empowerment,
thriving liberation, love and infinite possibilities.

I was guided to travel to Portugal last year December. Surrendering and trusting to the same guidance I received when I was working with transcending the cancer. I ended up at the oldest village called Ponte de Lima that is part of The Santiago de Compostela, The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage where I will be working with people from all over the world. I returned to Portugal. We landed two days before the Covid-19 lockdown.
I now am in the process of setting up my practice and with this I am asking for support from any Angel Investors who feels the resonance reading my story…
With Infinite Amounts of Gratitude and Love

Marianne Bothma
+351 912 305 000


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