Meditate on Peace


Hold your peace:

Global energy focus on Co-creating Peace Meditation and final kick in the pants for this year: Full moon in Gemini and lunar eclipse with sun in Jupiter

Feel your heartbeat; focusing on breathing love into your heart and exhale love into the planetary field environment. Know that asking facilitates new solutions – the kindest transitions possible in the Shift energies, with the highest beneficial outcomes for the whole… Turn up your love volume a notch and lets send compassion for all who suffer because of storms, wars any other crises. Visualise this energy as gold light if you are so inclined; send it to someone specific who needs healing, your family, your loved ones, a community group.  Send coherent heart energy to leaders to keep working together to find sustainable solutions for global problems. Hold the vision for increased peace on earth. Peace will be the afterglow of our collective maturity in how to get along. Continue for 15 minutes. Remember that mediations can be practiced after the full moon period,  and anywhere anytime convenient. This will help raise the vibratory rate of the field environment. Thank you for your participation.

Adapted from The Global Coherence Initiative with gratitude, M

The Moon eclipse of 28 November 2012 is the last of the many eclipses (Solar and Lunar) this year and is part of the sequence of celestial events leading up to 21 December 2012. Shamans in tribal cultures believe that the energy of an eclipse facilitates the opening of inter-dimensional doorways. As always these are opportunities to intergrate (understand and accept) shadow, hidden or disowned parts of ourself. This eclipse with the sun in Jupiter and moon in Gemini encourages brilliance, open minded receptivity. We are being stretched consciously into new ways of being. Kriya = creative action in life.

Exercise love and compassion for yourself, all humanity & the universe with mediation above.

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