In Memory Of Durgana


in memory ofI just read from the newsletter that “Durgana Passed away”. I very sorry to hear and offer my condolences.

Three years ago in 2012 Feb Durgana came to our yoga ashram in India (International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation) to study a yoga therapy course. After completing the one month programme, when she was leaving the ashram I wish her to come back again to us whenever she want. I never thought that it would be her last visit to India.

All students in the ashram live like a family, even they all are from different countries, culture, language but in ashram life we are one family. We eat, learn, practice, meditate everything together and Durgana was a grandmother for everyone in this yoga family.

She was very blessed during her stay in the ashram, because the Great Vedanta Master “ ADI SHANKARACHARYA” was born in this ashram about 1000 years ago (still his birth house exist) .

I remember during her stay in ashram Durgana used to go into Adi Shankacharya’s birth room for meditation. Durgana has an in-depth knowledge of Vedanta even she never express it. One day during the class I was giving a lecture about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and there is a Sanskrit word “SAMSKARA” I try to understand the English translation of this word to our students (100% of our students are from West) Almost half group cannot catch the essence of this Sanskrit word with my English translation. However, Durgana was in the class and asked me to give her a couple of min to speak about the word “SAMSKARA”. All our students were very curious to listen to Durgana’s explanation. She explained it in a very clear way to so our students could understand… After the class I bow Durgana and later she told me she used to have a Guru where she learnt Vedanta. . Personally I am very blessed to share my teaching to Durgana. I always try to learn something from Durgana which I cannot find in my book where that knowledge she learn and experience from her own yogi path.
I had a wonderful time with Durgana and even I was very busy with my course students, most of the days I always tried to find little time to spend personally with Durgana. During this free time she share her experience about her yoga life. It inspired lots in me.

Durgana’s 85th Birthday was celebrated in our ashram. We lit many oil lamps and served a special lunch in a banana leaf (our traditional way), chanting mantras for good health . So many wonderful memories she left to us.

Especially in South Africa, in the early days yoga was not popular and people are not aware on yoga that is the time Durgana spread the light of yoga to people in your country (Once she told me how hard it was to spread and convince the message of yoga during this period) Now we all enjoying the fruit of yoga where Durgana sowed the seeds many years ago. Today her physical body is not with us but still her teaching , spiritual values and light , kindness and love is always in our heart like a bright star in night. She will live in our hearts for ever.

I offer flowers at her feet from my heart and pray for Durgana’s soul.

Yogi Saji

Dear Durgana, I salute every word that Saji says. Your wisdom and non-judgemental attitude will be dearly missed. Thank you for the legacy of yoga that you left us, and the personal guidance that I received from you over the past 20 years. – Estelle Truter

Dear Durgana, ditto to Yogi Saji and Estelle. Durgana you had more courage than I can speak of and your light shines through those who’s hearts you touched. I will always remember your will-full way. Thank you for teaching me to love and know myself. I love and will always respect your teachings. My condolences to your immediate and extended family – Penny Kershaw

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