Celebrate World Water Day – 22nd March 2017


” We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one”- Jacques Cousteau

It is the element with the greatest quotient within us and on the surface of the Earth. It is essential for life. It is used in rituals, celebration of rites and sacraments in all cultures and traditions. Let us give back with intention, love and gratitude: the ceremonies, prayers and blessings today are for water.

Blessings: Peaceful prayers, words of gratitude and loving kindness, chanting a mantra over your drinking, cooking, bathing water will purify, enliven, re-pattern and enhance it.

Intention: Consciously clear and cleanse as you use water. Visualize when not using water. Imagine a shower of fresh, revitalizing water invigorating each cell of your skin. Charge your water with colour, depending on your mood and requirement. Add flower petals, fresh lemon, orange, mint or cucumber, or a drop or two of an essential oil like Rose, Lavender, Basil or Neroli, to energize what you feel will serve you at a given time. Cleanse your auric field at the end of the day.

Feel: Water flow is the connectivity, fluidity within all creation – like prana, it interlinks us all with life in general.

Read more on a global synchronized mediation to bless the waters of the world on www.upliftconnect.com




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