Happy for no reason


  • To be happier, everything you need is inside you.Take ownership of your happiness. You’ll focus on solutions instead of problems, find the gifts in life, and make peace with yourself.
  • Don’t believe everything your mind tells you. You’ll question the validity of your thoughts, let go of thoughts that don’t serve you, and incline your mind toward joy.
  • Let love lead. You willl focus on gratitude, practice forgiveness, and spread lovingkindness. (This works as well in business as it does in your personal life.)
  • Make the cells of your body happy. You will learn to nourish your body, energize your body, andtune into your body’s wisdom.
  • Plug yourself into spirit. You will invite connection to your higher power, listen to your inner voice,and trust life’s unfolding.
  • Live inspired by purpose. You will find your passion, follow the inspiration of the moment, and contribute to something greater than yourself.
  • Cultivate nourishing relationships. You will learn how to tend to your relationships so that they grow, surround yourself with support, and see the world as your family.

Marci Shimoff

Author of Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out and

Chicken soup for the Woman’s’ Soul; for the Mothers’ Soul

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