Essential Oils for Autumn Sniffles…..


According to TCM, autumn is the time of the lungs and large intestine. Some essential oils that are therapeutic for the lungs include rosemary, eucalyptus, myrrh, frankincense and cedar wood. Inhale once or twice for a sense of inner peace.

Essential oils that are therapeutic for the large intestine include black pepper, cardamom, ginger and orange. A few drops of each in an ounce of unscented cream rubbed on the chest can be a warming treat. Oils such as thyme and oregano may also ward off pesky colds. But keep in mind that thyme and oregano may irritate the skin if not sufficiently diluted.

 Oils with antidepressant qualities, for the “winter blues” are citrus oils such as grapefruit, bergamot, lemon and lime. “They have antidepressant therapeutic properties, people generally take one sniff and feel light, uplifted and refreshed.”

The winter cold and flu season may also be addressed with pine, eucalyptus and ravintsara (cinamomum camphora). They can reduce congestion, ease aches and pains, they are antibacterial and antiviral, and may be used via inhalation in a steam room or a room diffuser. Use warming oil blends – try black pepper and ginger – during the coldest months of the winter.

Finally, experts warn that it is extremely important that consumers know the quality of the oils they are purchasing. Many essential oils on the market are adulterated, meaning they contain both 100% pure essential oil as well as synthetic adulterates. These synthetic adulterates not only detract from the therapeutic qualities of the oil, but can also add stress to the body. To insure high quality and 100% natural oils, buyers should ask if each batch of oil is GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) tested.


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