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Solar eclipse energyWe’re heading into eclipse season, with a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon on May 20, and a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon of June 4. These special events align the Sun, Moon and Earth with the lunar nodes, which cause shadows to darken the planetary lights. Powerful time for fresh ideas and ways to action them.

The Solar Eclipse of May 20 occurs in the first degree of Gemini, a multi-faceted sign in which it’s easy to be overcome by an excess of choices. Ideas arrive in bunches when the Sun and Moon join in this sign, making this New Moon a powerful time for spawning original concepts and fresh perspectives. Yet the Solar Eclipse signals that circumstances are different now, and that the wealth of conversation and information the Twins offer need to be managed in a new way.

The Sun represents personal will and expression. When it’s eclipsed by the Moon we have to take a step back and reconsider what we’re doing. This lunar influence is a reminder to turn inward and connect with our emotions to determine whether we’re on the right path or not. This is a time to tune in to gut instincts to determine if they support our stated goals. We often discover a missing piece that’s needed to advance our interests, and occasionally realize that we need to curtail our ambitions. When we’re overly driven by solar will but lack internal support, projects may be completely dropped.

Fantasy plays a big role in the May 20 Solar Eclipse because imaginative Neptune forms a challenging 90-degree square to this Sun-Moon conjunction. For most of us this indicates that our feet may not be on the ground as we’re driven by an illusion instead of something that can be turned into reality. However, Neptune is also a planet of faith and forgiveness, which can offer the healing touch that comes from eliminating harsh self-judgment.

A Lunar Eclipse, on the other hand, is a time to let go of the past and the subjective emotions that are symbolized by the Moon. Old fears and habits should be shed so that we can move forward with less baggage to slow us down. The eclipse of the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 4 stirs issues related to religious, political and philosophical beliefs. This is the sign of the true believer who is passionate about his or her cause. Yet there’s something outmoded about these principles that needs to be excised before forward progress can be made. For some it might be over-optimism, for others self-doubt. Unmet aspirations from the past can linger like bad air that casts a pall over future possibilities. It’s time to clean up and move on.

New and Full Moons, called lunations, are key pivot points every month. They are periods of initiation and illumination, provoking action and spurring awareness. Eclipses are special lunations when shedding ego (solar) or habits (lunar) is a critical element required for personal growth. Facing these outdated attributes and concepts isn’t always easy, yet the benefits of addressing them and making changes are well worth the effort.

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