Doing Nothing Meditation…….


Meditation is part of our active contribution to the evolution of the world besides it make a difference in own life.. Even if the World is in destruct mode, we are active, engaged human beings in modern world.

In meditation, we awaken deeper aspect of our nature. I t has nothing to do with past, but is the mysterious, already present, maybe neglected or underdeveloped obscured, in our externally hectic life. It may have always existed before time,  an “extra ordinary layer beyond” may be moved ,changed ,transformed , enlightened by this experience – when whatever we do, we do with awareness of this deeper nature rather than out of habit, motivated by external forces – do nothing for brief period of time, take yourself out of the way, open space for life to reveal true nature. 

Establish a meditation posture that will enable you to keep still for about 20 minutes.

Alert, awake, aware…It is your contribution to consciousness itself, bigger than you, deeper than your intention to breath, stay in your knowledge. Allow yourself to open, make space, feel liberated, light in weight & luminosity and ground your intention. Notice how you move deeper within yourself. Habit makes you rush in and expect result.

Nothing for 15 seconds… silence, peace.

Peace: “Meaningful peace is impossible to find out there, if one lacks inner peace”

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