Compassion Quotient


Upping your Compassion Quotient requires being in your heart, not in your head. Here are a few key steps:

  • Do you reach out to someone you know who is suffering in silence and take them to get help? Do you offer aid and a kind word to a homeless person? Do you comfort someone who has lost his or her home due to financial reversals?…a 50% quotient
  • Do you volunteer to help strangers in need in your community? Are you unfailingly kind and willing to listen to the elderly, regardless of how cantankerous they can become? Are you always on call for family members in a crisis-but available when it isn’t a crisis?…a 75% quotient.
  • Do you get on an airplane and head across the country to help with a rescue mission? Do you take in an unwanted child to your home? Do you expend your own love, time and money to help someone who is not related to you?…a 100% quotient.
  • Stop and feel. Don’t just let it pass through you. Feel for that person.
  • Consciously create a reserve of love, warmth and kindness within yourself and hold a vision for healing for the other person or people.
  • Express that feeling you have to the person in need.
  • Ask what you can do; help without asking if you know what needs to be done.
  • Be available to those who are lonely, who are in need or who are without resources. Sometimes a kind word is as valuable as a gold coin.
  • Commit to doing something weekly to help someone you don’t know. Commit random acts of kindness. Pay it forward.
  • Volunteer when there is a crisis in your community. Reach out with your heart..Becompassion, don’t just do compassionate acts. Show others how to be compassionate. Some people just don’t know and they learn by observation.
  • Be compassionate to yourself. It will make you more compassionate to others.
  • Forgive-a lot! Forgiveness is compassion for you and for the person you are forgiving.
  • Be compassionate for the world and for both its sufferers and for those committing the acts that create suffering. Compassion-feeling love and respect for someone and expressing that love and respect– is the only true key to resolving the planet’s problems.
  • “The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World.”  Jackie Lapin’

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