Clearing Space…..


“We have to let go of our stuff. But we don’t, or at least we don’t want to. The trouble is, these things we surround ourselves with can start to drive everything else in our lives. Our technology requires updates. Our works of art demand insurance policies. We need new shelves to hold our growing collection of vegan cookbooks.

Added up, objects become clutter. Clutter becomes noise. And noise—in all of its forms—blocks spiritual growth, starting with an inability to simply feel happy. Happiness needs quiet. If we watch, we’ll feel its presence when we are meditating, watching the sun set, or maybe rocking the almost sleeping baby. The more noise, the harder it is for happiness to show her face…

We can do this letting go. We can start small, giving up one thing at a time. Maybe we can take a cup of coffee to the homeless man on the corner, leaving the coffee cup behind as a gift. Or we can put something in a grocery bag to drop off at a charity on our way to buy this week’s food. The trick is to simply start.” – Geri Larkin

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