Blood Moon Rising……


Fabulous stuff happening here. Look outside. The longest total lunar eclipse this century will begin today at 7.14pm. It lasts until 1.28am Saturday morning. It’s at its maximum at 10.21pm and lasts a total of 6 hours 14 minutes. Compare that to the shortest eclipse in 2015 which lasted 4minutes 48secs. This stuff is amazing. The magic is compounded by the presence of Mars right next to the moon. Both the Moon and Mars will be red in colour – an incredible sight not to be missed. Mars is currently closer to the earth than it’s been in 60 000 years, except for a brief visit in 2003.  

Since Mars is currently retrograde (moving in reverse) the effects are less exaggerated. Possible wars and riots will be softened – although all those wanting dramatic change will be expressing their frustration in their own ways. A total eclipse always brings disruption – together with a fantastic potential for transformation. This energy can literally change lives in an instant, provided we have sufficient passion in our desires. So go ahead – want what you want – but want it with PASSION. We should all wear something red tomorrow. The energy of this eclipse will be with us for approximately 3 weeks. So get out there. Make something happen. And send a few good vibes to our gorgeous country while you’re there.

Written and Posted by Linda Shaw Astrology 26th July 2018. 


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