Go upside down to find the inside out!

The best kept anti-ageing secret known to man, inverted poses are not only gravity defying, they help oxygenate the blood in the brain and clear space for new ideas in the mind, helping you see life from a different perspective…

An inversion is any pose in which your head is below your heart (a mild inversion such as Downward-Facing Dog or Wide-Legged Forward Bend) or where your feet are above your head (a more dynamic inversion such as Headstand, Handstand or Shoulderstand). Inversions usually form a vital part of a complete sequence and should not be practised on their own. There are many schools of thought around the subject of inverting that range from the conservative – where strong inversions are simply not taught due to their level of difficulty and the experience required for the poses – to the more adventurous, where every possible inversion and variation is practised. What we choose to experience has much to do with our own inner wiring and personal needs and inversions can help us access a network of information about ourselves.

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