A Vision for Sanity


We see a world where mankind and womankind have learned, beyond all doubt and distraction, that we, both individually and as a whole, are best served by creating a peaceful, compassionate, clean environment for ourselves to live and love in. We see the wisdom in refraining from judging, competing, overpowering, harming and killing one another. We feel the serenity that comes from helping our fellow travelers to rise to their highest potential; to live healthful, creative lives; to hold their anger in check; to find their calling in life; and to care for each other as we would want ourself to be cared for.

In the same way, we envision a world where we have purified our waters, cleansed our air, cleaned up our trash, begun to love the Earth and all Her plant and animal creatures, brought forth healthy foods, and blessed every other human being who comes our way. As a result of these changes in our behavior, we have brought sanity back to the peoples of the Earth, always to honor and protect it – and never to leave it again.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
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