A Sensory Moon Meditation for Emotional Healing…..


“If you’re the moon, it’s not the sun that affirms your light: it’s the darkness that makes you shine.”

1. You can sit, stand, or lie down on the earth for this meditation. Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths.

2. Gaze up at the moon. Take in the size, shape, and glow of Earth’s natural satellite. It might be hovering bright and round or barely there, or somewhere in the middle like a crescent of sliver in the sky. Realize that you, right here, are part of the earth’s intimate dance with the moon and the sun — always changing.

3. Try to see the rocky nature of the moon, pockmarked with craters formed by asteroid impacts millions of years ago. Pick out every detail your eyes can see, every imperfection, every celestial hill and valley.

4. If the moon is barely visible, notice this too. Sense its cool darkness, one step to or away from fullness, and marvel at its grandeur even in its absence.

5. Watch the moonlight stroll across the earth, illuminating the tops of the trees and shining on things you’d otherwise not see in complete darkness.

6. Take a moment to connect with your breath. Celebrate the phases of the moon that mirror the rising and falling of sea levels, the cycles of growth and harvest, and the cycles of your body. Transcend your mind and feel the divinity within: the life within you. Honor the sacred rhythms of life, inside and out. As above, so below.

7. Knowing your body is made up mostly of water, you might even sense the moon’s subtle influence on you. Feel whatever emotions arise (or fade away) like the tides. Like the moon, whether you’re in your whole radiance or not, underneath the surface there is layer upon layer of depth to you.

Affirmations inspired by the moon:

  1. “I am renewed by the light of the moon.”
  2. “I am creative. I matter. I am always on time.”
  3. “I belong here, in the infinite dance of life.”

Written by Jennifer Healey and published on healingbrave.com/blogs, 29th October, 2019

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