A Quite Read: Yoga Nidra and The Ancient Secret of Life by Jennifer Fitzsimmons

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of every memory and moment from our life, positive or negative and holds every scar of the traumatic events we have endured. This creates our persona, how we see and relate to life, react to it and experience life.
The subconscious does not differentiate between fact and fiction, taking everything as fact. It can be healed from traumatic scars, thus healing our outlook, if we imprint suggestions directly to it without going through the conscious mind. This book explains the workings of the art of Yoga Nidra and the subconscious mind and has 40 powerful scripts (available in audio also) that teachers can use in their classes to take their students practice to the next level, relieving anxiety, depression, stress and other psychosomatic disorders. It is imperative in our world today where the number of people experiencing these symptoms has risen higher than we have ever experienced on the planet.
Now available on Amazon, Takealot and via our website yogaretreatssa.co.za/shop .

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