7 Tips for Powerful Living: Thank You


Enlightenment1. Bless the experience and say thank you.

2. Be open to uncover any subconscious beliefs and programs potentially contributing to what you are experiencing that are ready to be healed, released, and replaced.3. Listen to your inner wisdom and guidance for clarity and perspective. It is the Gift of Wisdom that helps us to discern the difference between being up against a wall or at the entrance to a doorway.

4. Allow your curiosity and wonder to guide you to a more joyfullexperience. Unleash the power of your imagination to dream of possibilities and opportunities on the horizon.

5. Put your attention on all the gifts and blessings in your life.Gratitude is a powerfullattitude shifter that moves us from a state of constriction to expansion.

6. Remind yourself that the Law of Opposites exists to light the way to your desires.Monitor your thoughts and judgments so that you see and feel the truth rather than react to the story and illusion you are creating in your mind.

7. Use your spiritual practices to stay connected to your heart and the Divine. Choose to do things that bring you joy. Reach out to the people who love and celebrate you.

Full article by Life Strategist Lorraine Cohen: Article posted 18 November 2011 www.powerfull-living.biz/blog/2011/11/15/5-spiritual-laws-that-strengthen-or-shake-faith-trust-part-1/trackback/

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