300Hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Hridaya School of Yoga: 05th June – 30th October 2019


Hridaya School of Yoga is offering a 300 hr Advanced Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Programme in 2019 from 5 June – 30 October 2019. This Teacher Training is designed to take the student on a journey to discover the sacred science of breath, mind and consciousness. The student will learn step by step how to facilitate a comprehensive Yoga Nidra class, retreat or workshop.

Our Yoga Nidra Teacher Training programme follows the guidelines of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition.  We cover the therapeutic aspects of Yoga Nidra through the perspective of Ayurveda, which includes the gunas. Especially important is Sattva guna, the quality of balance, peace and harmony. We place strong emphasis on students cultivating this quality of Sattva in daily meditation and practices that lead to stillness and silence of the mind, which lead to relaxation and tranquility, thus Yoga Nidra can be seen to be a practice of pratyahara, withdrawal of the senses. 

To enroll for this Teacher Training

Email: hridayaschoolofyoga@gmail.com for more information and to book your place.
Space is limited.
Booking essential.

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