200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Durban with Inner Wellness Studio

Inner Wellness Studio invites you to fully embrace Yoga as a technology for holistic living. This course is a comprehensive study and practice of yoga. This course will give you a profound experience of yoga that will transform your body and mind. On completion of the course you will be qualified and certified to teach yoga. Your teaching credentials will be recognised internationally with Yoga Alliance.

The course is structured over 4 months (June – September). We meet on weekends, usually every other fortnight. This structure allows the necessary time to study and apply the concepts learned in the convenience of your own time and practice.

The postures outlined in the course syllabus are taught from an alignment based model, following many of the teachings of the Iyengar gurus, and includes teachings from other branches of Yoga as well.

For futher information kindly contact Diego: 079 262 3877  or  diego@innerwellnessstudio.com

A Better Answer To Chronic Stress….

If an epidemic is defined as a disease that affects whole populations without having a medical cure, then the epidemic of modern life is stress.

Stress itself is not a disease, but it instead leads to a breakdown in the body’s internal balance, or homeostasis, and from that point onward, if the stress isn’t relieved, damage occurs from within. Ironically, most modern people in a developed country do not experience acute stress, the kind that triggers a full-blown fight-or-flight response. There is no battlefront, civil war, rampant violent crime, or struggle over food and water to contend with.

Our epidemic is silent and hidden, in the form of low-level chronic stress. The natural purpose of the body’s stress response is to trigger heightened alertness and energy for a short period, a matter of minutes or at most an hour, when fighting or fleeing is a matter of survival. When stress becomes chronic, a “normal” way of life that people believe they have adapted to, stress hormones become a drip-drip in the background of the physiology, and over time, three stages of damage begin to appear:

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