Upgrade your Asana with Jim Harrington

jim_harrington-on-handsFollowing the incredible success of Simon Borg-Olivier’s workshops in Cape Town & Johannesburg, Yoga Lova is truly privileged to have Jim Harrington -  South Africa’s most esteemed yoga teacher – teach 2 incredible workshops at the end of August.

About the workshops….
In these workshops Jim will attempt to share his understanding of the recent “upgrade” that he has “downloaded” from his mentor Simon. Where it was suggested to “stretch less, tense less, breathe less, and think less and eat less” with your yoga practice.  It takes the whole form to another level altogether by accessing the movement of “prana” – our subtle energetic flows.

The theme will be a natural progression of Jim’s “Alignment Redefined Workshops” which aimed to show a logical, functional anatomy basis for the healthy alignment in yoga asana. The classes are a generally mix of explaining technique, balanced with flowing, meditative practice. It is hoped that they may assist in using the yoga practice to enhance the joy and vitality for living.
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