Setting up your day…..

“By refreshing yourself through silence and nature, you constantly revitalise the inner you. Dawn is your strongest hour. If you can rise in time to meet the day, that effort becomes a discipline that you use for establishing control. Use the time to project yourself mentally into the day. As you centre your mind, the power of your Higher Self goes out and surrounds the events you will meet, acting as a spiritual forerunner, enlivening energy in front of you. By setting up your day before the rest of the world has risen, you establish an energy that cannot be overwhelmed by the negativity of others.” ~ Stuart Wilde

Mellow Yellow…..

With the landscape around us bathed in the vibrant shades of autum thought it interesting to explore the psychology of the colour yellow.

Whatever your feelings are towards yellow, we are sure that you will agree that it is the colour of sunshine and happiness. It instantly lifts the spirits and brings cheer, creating an open, joyful and friendly environment.

Yellow is believed to have an influence on the left side of the brain, where deep thinking and perception dwells. It is associated with decisiveness and open-mindedness thus making it a good colour to bear in mind for rooms where people will be studing or planning. Continue reading